New partnership with BristolMyersSquibb on IBD

Wouter J. de Jonge

Characterizing tissue-level response

Many people with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) only partially respond to therapies or do not achieve lasting improvement, despite newer therapeutic options. Amsterdam UMC has now partnered with BristolMyersSquibb on a new study to characterize tissue-level response of the BMS-developed selective TYK 2 inhibitor for treatment of UC.

A real step forward in understanding TYK-2 inhibitor as a potential treatment for IBD and UC

Cellular inflammatory networks

The partnership will use biopsies obtained from patients in a clinical study to employ single-cell transcriptomics coupled with mass cytometry. The aim is to achieve deep characterization of the cellular inflammatory networks driving UC disease pathology and tissue level response to the BMS TYK-2 inhibitor.

Greater understanding of the TYK-2 inhibitor

We believe such an approach has the potential to uncover new insights into the disease and a greater understanding of the TYK-2 inhibitor as a potential treatment.