Microbiota Center Amsterdam (MiCA)

A state of the art determination of trans-kingdom microbial composition is relevant because microbiota has shown importance to all of human diseases described thus far

Wouter de Jonge is one of the co-founders of the core facility of the Amsterdam UMC microbiome research: MiCA. At Gut Research, several research projects look into the influence of the microbiota composition on disease and its development.

Microbiota Center Amsterdam (MiCA)

Together with Max Nieuwdorp and Joost Wiersinga, Gut Research’s Wouter de Jonge was one of the 3 gut microbiota experts that successfully applied for an AMC innovation grant in 2017. This led to what is now a core facility at the hearth of Amsterdam UMC microbiome research, which is called ‘Microbiota Center Amsterdam’ or MiCA. The MiCA team includes microbiologists, medical biologists, bioinformaticians and clinicians. They provide services from DNA isolation to gene sequencing and bioinformatics and, if needed, discussions on study design and interpretation of results. For more information, visit http://microbiotacenter.nl/.

Gut Research and MiCA

Our close connection to this core facility always ensures fast and cutting edge microbiota analysis that we use in our research activities concerning Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), postoperative ileus and anastomotic leakage.