What we can do for your organisation

Gut Research is interested to supply customer-oriented consulting and contract research in the field of functional and inflammatory bowel diseases, as well as experimental models for medical nutrition formulae.

From its start, Gut Research will provide experimental models as a service basis to a number of academic, health and industrial institutions. Gut Research’s core activities have been essential in various international research projects and industrial research contracts.

Gut Research provides services to running models for drug/formulae testing, or microbial studies. Read outs include state of the art cell isolation, single cell Pro-seq workflows, biomarker finding, CyTOF or FACS sorting of targeted cells and behavioral studies related to IBD or IBS.

Gut Research scientists provide thorough consultation in the optimal setup of your experiments finding the appropriate analysis markers.

Our services and our experimental models

Our models focus around the fields of (with references to selected earlier published studies):

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